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Tulum Happenings: Amenities

Tulum Pueblo

The Yucatec word “Tulum” was introduced by the Spaniards during the 1800’s which means wall when they came across the fortified lime stone wall structure that surrounds the city from three sides, having the ocean protecting the fourth quadrant. The Mayan people lived inside the walls that provide protection. However, researchers are unsure as to what kind of protection was needed. A theory its people sought protection from invaders. Another theory is the Mayans housed nobility and priests inside the walls, leaving the rest of the people outside. One ancient Mayan belief is the waters surrounding the city, mostly cenotes, were entrances to the underworld. The city is depicted of the Great Descending god whose image adorns the temples within the site.

The city’s original name in the Maya-Yucatec Language was Zama or dawn, because the city was built on the seashore facing East, where the sun rises. The city was known for its extensive political and trade negotiations, extending inland, into Belize, Guatemala, Gulf of Honduras and the Bay Islands.

Today, Tulum is a popular destination with its ruins well-preserved. The city’s Mayan energies connected with the magical natural wonders, have been a spiritual destination for tourist for decades. Roads from the City called Coba and Kulkukan leads to beautiful white sandy beaches, ideal for relaxation under the warm brilliant sun. The area’s clear blue waters are perfect for swimming, world class snorkeling and diving. The city’s overall Bohemian feel and its enigmatic ecological areas is ideal for some of the best picture taking Mexico has to offer.

All that is missing now, is you. Come visit the wonders of Tulum and experience the magic for yourself. Tulum awaits your visit.

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