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Hun Sakbe

Yucatec Maya - Sakbe, sacbe, plural sakbejo’ob, or white way or white road is a raised paved road built by the Maya Civilization connecting temples, plazas and groups of structures within ceremonial centers or cities. These white roads were built out of large stones overlaid by rubble. Large cylindrical stones were then rolled over the surface compacting the roads, finishing the surface with a smooth layer of stucco or cement.

It has been identified the longest sakbe discovered stretched from Coba in Quintana Roo to Yaxuna, a distance of over sixty miles.

The Yucatec-Maya word for the number 1 is hun.

Our villa is situated in a private, gated community nestle among seven other individual homes. The roads that lead to our property are referred by the locals as Sakbe for the color that the roads take.  Our villa was identified by the developer as building “one.” After much deliberation, we concluded to name our villa Hun Sakbe or "one white road."

Hun Sakbe: Image
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